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Annette Messenger

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Annette Messenger is well known as an installation artist, incorporating photographs, drawings, prints and various other materials. Her work is rather childlike and playful, but can seem eerie depending the piece. She states herself that she always works with things that are covered, half hidden, or half revealed. The reason for this I’m sure is to convey some mystery or some connection to the human psyche. Her work seems to relate to people and as such is a representation of humanity. Whether it be about mind, body, or customs, Annette always has a relation in one way or another to this. She also likes to incorporate stitches, netting, knitting, embroidery and meshes. In some works she may actually use these materials while in others she’ll have a sort of representation of this. 

All her mediums have been from the home: colored crayons, stockings, cloth, sewing materials, newspaper clippings, etc. Annette has said she would love to work with video, but that it she feels it’s incapable of using that kind of material today. If it was as easy as using a pencil she might feel more comfortable about it. That said in her own words.

I overall really enjoy Annette Messenger’s gallery. It’s rather colorful and it’s childlike innocence is sweet. It comes across as innocent and perhaps like something out of a storybook. Adults and children alike could find it captivated, and even as a family both be intrigued by what they see. I also fancy the message underlying each work of art, adding much depth instead of just surface aesthetics. Annette is crafty and it shows, telling me that she honestly does have a joy in art. 












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