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Diego Rivera

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Diego Rivera is one of the most famous Mexican painters and muralists of the 20th century. Long before marrying Frida Kahlo, he had become a notable figure. He created many murals mostly depicting Mexican history and culture. Some of his works were even too risky to show because of their non religious or offensive depictions. Diego was a volatile man with many harsh memories that effected his outlook. Although his personality could have used adjustments, his artwork was superb. He had been drawing since he was three and therefore his skills only got better, especially with the help of professional art schools. His art was so good and becoming increasingly popular, not just in Mexico but around the world. He even got to befriend Pablo Picasso and meet Henri Matisse.

Diego had a large interest in Mexico and it’s politics which shows in many of his works. He paints on walls and buildings, usually taken up all the space that he can. His attention to detail is great. Lighting, shadow, tones, perspective, composition, it is all very well done. In my opinion Diego is a very gifted artist with plenty of skill. Unlike Frida who generally stuck with a particular style, Diego from time to time changed it up. I find it understandable that he would be such a famous painter. 









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