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Museum Journal Blog – Living Critters from The Jungle

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Exhibit: The Herrett Center in Twin Falls, ID Living Critters in The Jungle 

media: 2D and 3D

context: educational

Describe: My first impression was that I felt like I was entering a mini replica of the jungle or wild. The displays have large branches inside them and backgrounds that resemble untamed greenery or stones. The lighting is slightly dim making me feel like I’m in the wilderness or a shady place full of trees and wild life. The iguana and boa constrictor inside their individual cages seem relaxed. They look comfortable in their simulated natural environments. I would describe the installment as fun. It makes you feel like a kid again and you want to keep checking it out to see the reptiles move. It has wall text between the animal cages and text below the iguana’s cage. The information is about other animals from the jungle. It is all simulated to look like the jungle and like the reptiles are wild animals, but really they are probably more like pets. The point of view from the viewer’s perspective would be that you feel comfortable and intrigued. I’m reminded of being in the jungle with the animals greatly involving me into it. The meaning conveyed is to see these two animals in their natural habitat and to better understand what it’s like in the jungle. Some elements included are organic, closed form, interior, unity and space. Excluded elements would be open form and exterior. The choices the curator made might be influenced by finance budgeting what was and wasn’t included and politics might effect it in the way that it needs to educate children especially. Questions posed by this installment are why is it only an iguana and boa constrictor on display? Why not others or two different animals from the jungle? The context, funding and authorship influence this by how much information is included. It has minimal information, but enough to get it’s point across. The intended audience is people of all ages, but especially kids. It’s easy to read and understand. The atmosphere is friendly and exciting especially for young ones. it is an effective display. 


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