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Bruce Nauman

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Bruce Nauman is an American contemporary artist who’s media ranges from sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing, printmaking and performance. Since 1970 he has been considered one of the most innovative and even provocative of all contemporary artists. He finds his inspiration in the activities, speeches and materials of everyday life. His artwork varies, but usually is about people or body parts. His neon pieces are the most recognizable as many of them either involve text or some sort of sexual content. A lot of his work comes off as playful, but adult. Perhaps some could even be considered uncomfortable. Overall, I think Bruce does a successful job of making his audience feel mixed emotions. When looking at his work I feel a sense of curiosity and discomfort. A lot of his art has an erotic sense to them and that may be enticing to some, but for me it makes me blush. However, I think this is exactly what Bruce is going for. He wants to take the unspeakable and put it in plain view. It certainly gains a reaction, both negative and positive.











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