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Muybridge’s Life Research

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Eadweard James Muybridge is an extremely famous English photographer recognized for his revolutionary studies of motion. It is thanks to him that film and movies are even possible. The reason for that being that Muybridge uncovered a way to make images show movement. It all started when a wealthy man asked him to photograph his prized horse, to see if it did at some point have it’s hooves off the ground when running. Muybridge then set up several cameras in a row and as the horse ran passed them each camera would go off, capturing each second of motion. Sure enough, they discovered that horses do indeed lift all hooves off the ground when running. This got the gears turning in Muybridge’s head and it was from then on that he dedicated his work to being time-based. He wanted to understand and reveal to others what it really looks like to capture these movements, from simple, to more in depth motions. Unfortunately, in 1860 he was severely injured from a runaway stagecoach incident. He suffered severe trauma to the head and records say he wasn’t ever quite the same. Still, Muybridge continued his research and educated the world on movement in addition to technological advances. This advancement is specific to film and motion pictures. Through his discoveries the phenakistoscope was created which got the idea of motion pictures started. As it would turn, the images appeared to move. More and more Muybridge was reinventing the world, changing the way we perceive things and creating a new form of entertainment. He would travel often from England, America and Europe, spreading his knowledge and educating everyone. Without him, who knows when or how we would have learned of such a thing. We take movement for granted, but it was through Muybridge that we learned the value of it. Muybridge will forever be remembered in history and for a great reason. Without him, we may not have all the amazing movies or shows of nowadays.

471px-Eadweard_Muybridge_-_Pi-Wi-Ack_(Shower_of_Stars),_Vernal_Fall,_400_Feet,_Valley_of_Yosemite_-_Google_Art_Project 600px-Phenakistoscope_3g07690u 799px-Boys_playing_Leapfrog 800px-The_Horse_in_Motion




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