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Muybridge Project Artist Statement

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I originally wanted to draw out the motions of changing clothes, but realized it would take too long and possibly not come out the way I hoped. Therefore, I went the video and performance route which I believe successfully shows the movement I wanted. I went with this idea because I felt that a lot goes into something as simple as changing clothes. We don’t really pay attention to it, but we move a lot when doing so. Surprisingly, doing this long enough gets you tired or feeling hot and I wanted viewers to get a sense of that frustration with my video. Many people can relate with trying on clothes and not being satisfied, so they keep changing, and changing in hopes that they finally find the right outfit. I tried to make this video interesting and fun. The music I chose was to emphasize playfulness in addition to some humor. A small story is presented without words, implying that the character (me) is trying to find a certain style of outfit, but the viewers aren’t sure of what until the very end. Speeding up the video was not only to keep it short, but to also focus, again, on how much goes into changing. Changing clothes is something all humans do and that was enough reason for me to make it my subject for a Muybridge inspired project.


One thought on “Muybridge Project Artist Statement

  1. Lauren. First of all, I agree with you, I also think that your Muybridge assignment was a success. I know you had grand visions of your drawing project and with more time, I have no doubt you could of pulled that off too. I believe you made the right choice to stay with your idea, but change the end format. Your project was fun, engaging, colorful, but it also invited the viewer into a somewhat personal and vulnerable space. You will be receiving and “A” for this project. Keep up the hard work over the summer, it is easy to slack, which you should do that too, but don’t stop making and creating!

    As far as your journal, Great display of artists and their work, I also appreciate the time taken in your writings. You obviously spent a fair amount of time on these and offered your thoughts and opinions, so thank you. You fell short of the minimum required for a “B”, but I would much rather have the work that you put in and be a few short, then have the minimum quota and have it be unsparing. You will be receiving a “B+” on your journal.

    Take care, Kris

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