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Kara Walker

Kate Walker is an African-American artist who works with film and installations. She is most recognized for her black cut-paper silhouettes and panoramics which tell a story without words. Her messages often express race, gender, sexuality and identity. To be more specific it focuses a lot on history especially about African-Americans and the relationship between white men and slaves. It’s bold, risque and compelling. Simplistic in nature, her work is very intriguing with it’s minimal explanation, but obvious story-telling.  As the viewer you are meant to add your own interpretation which greatly keeps you involved. Some describe her work as nightmarish, yet fantastical with a cinematic feel. It’s daring and sometimes grotesque, but in a way shows the true reality of American history. 

Although Kara Walker’s work makes me feel uneasy, I still like it. I like it for the reason that it is so honest and powerful. The fact that it isn’t super detailed, but makes me want to see more or look closely. She gets her point across right away without any filler. For that, I greatly applaud her art. It is truly original and captivating.